Annulée: The Patient's Brain

14 mars 2020
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Benedetti Fabrizio

Education 1981 M.D. degree, University of Turin Medical School 1984-85 Silbert Scholarship, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles Positions and Employments 1983 Research Associate, Neurophysiology, University of Turin Medical School 1986-90 Assistant Professor of Physiology, University of Turin Medical School 1991-1992 Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, University of Texas, Dallas 1992-99 Associate Professor of Neurophysiology and Human Physiology, University of Turin Medical School 1999-today Professor of Neurophysiology and Human Physiology, University of Turin Medical School 2014-today Chairman of Clinical Research and Neurotherapeutics, “Innovative Clinical Trials & Healthcare” Initiative 2014-today Director of Medicine and Physiology of Hypoxia, Breuil-Cervinia/Zermatt, Italy/Switzerland Consultant activity at the National Institute of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD, USA 2000-2002 Co-chair of the Breakout Group of the NIH for the development of “Recommendations for research to further elucidate the nature of the placebo effect”. 2003 Member of the Working Group of NIDA for planning a research agenda on the “Recovery of brain structure and function through behavioral treatments”. 2004 Member of the Task Force of NIMH on “Brain mechanisms in the placebo response”. 2004-2009 Member of the Brain-Body-Behavior Research Group of NCCAM for developing a strategic planning process for 2005-2009. Consultant activity at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA 2010-today Consultant and Advisory Board of PIPS School, Harvard Medical School. Invited Professional Memberships 2001-2007 Member of the Placebo Working Group of the “Mind-Brain-Behavior” Initiative at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA 2002-today Member of the European Working Group on Pain and Impaired Cognition 2006-2010 Member of the Board of the Placebo Group of the International Association for the Study of Pain Awards 1984 Silbert International Award at the University of California Los Angeles 1985 Italian Angelo Costa Prize for Physiology 1997 Novartis Prize of the Italian Society for Neuroscience 2009 Medical Books Award of the British Medical Association 2012 Seymour Solomon Award of the American Headache Society 2012 Herlitzka Prize for Physiology, Academy of Sciences, Turin 2015 William S Kroger Award of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis 2015 EFIC-IBSA Award for the best paper in the Eur J Pain. 2018 ARNo Award from Neurological Research Association, University of Pisa Academy and organizations nominations 2010-today Nominated member of the Academy of Europe (Medicine & Physiology section) 2010-today Nominated member of the European Dana Alliance for the Brain 2015-today Nominated member of the Council of Scientists of the Human Frontiers Science Program Organization Editorial Boards Seminars in Pain Medicine (2001-2003) Open Anesthesiology Journal (2005-2006) Pain (2009-2015) Current Neuropharmacology (2009-today) Canadian Journal of Pain (2016-today) Organization of International conferences 2007 Co-organizer (together with Manfred Schedlowski, Germany and Paul Enck, Germany) of the international meeting “Mechanisms of Placebo/Nocebo Responses”, Nov. 28-30, 2007, Tutzing, Germany 2008 Co-organizer (together with Damien Finniss, Australia, Donald Price, USA, and Ron Kupers, Denmark) of the 12th World Congress on Pain Satellite Meeting “The placebo effect – Advances in research and implications for clinical trials and clinical practice”, Aug. 14-15, 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2011 Organizing Committee of the 8th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience, July 2011, Florence, Italy. 2013 Co-organizer (together with Manfred Schedlowski, Germany and Paul Enck, Germany) of the International Meeting on Placebo, 23-25 Jan 2013, Tuebingen, Germany

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